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We appreciate your interest in the

Practice Clinic

OrthoCentrum Saale (OCS)

Something is causing you pain?

One click on the affected area of the body on David on the left and you will find out where we can help you.

For all areas highly qualified, specialised orthopaedists and surgeons as well as a dedicated team are at your disposal at the OCS - 
at two facilities in your vicinity, with most modern equipment, including an own surgery centre and a private bed station.

An overview of the entire spectrum of our conservative and operational treatments can be found at service spectrum.

 Arrange an appointment
  OCS Bad Neustadt
  Dr. Jansen, Dr. Klum, Th.
  Schachtschabel, Dr. Trus
  Tel. 09771/60 13 40

  OCS Bad Kissingen
  Dres. Krawczyk, Schürkens
  Tel. 0971/2815 and
  Tel. 0971/3942

  Tip: call after 11am!