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  • Das OCS - Ärzte Team
  • Das OCS - Ärzte Team
  • Das OCS - Ärzte Team


About Us

The OrthoCentrum Saale (OCS) emerged from the incorporation of four renowned independent medical practices and group practices in Bad Neustadt and Bad Kissingen.

Aim of this union is the guarantee of a highly-qualified orthopaedic and surgical treatment in the region, especially regarding bone -, joint - and spine ailment and injuries. 

At both addresses highly qualified, experienced orthopaedists and surgeons, each with specific expertise in differing subjects, await you. 


For optimal medical specialist care.                                                                             In medical-superintendent-quality. For everyone.

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  OCS Bad Neustadt
  Dr. Jansen, Dr. Klum, Th.
  Schachtschabel, Dr. Trus
  Tel. 09771/60 13 40

  OCS Bad Kissingen
  Dres. Krawczyk, Schürkens
  Tel. 0971/2815 and
  Tel. 0971/3942

  Tip: call after 11am!