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The History of the OCS

The orthopaedic group practice at the Point-Centre in Bad Neustadt, which was founded in 2000 by Dr. Peter Trus, marks the beginning of the successful development of the OrthoCentrum Saale (OCS).

In 2008 Dr. Thomas Jansen, formerly working at the Bochum University Clinic Bergmannsheil, joined as a specialist for diseases of the shoulder and knee- and shoulder-endoprosthetics.

Dr. Markus Schürkens, who worked at the orthopaedic hospital in Werneck and who directed an own medical practice in Bad Kissingen since 2004, affiliated in 2011 with his practice which is specialised on osteology and conservative therapies.

Also in 2011 Dr. Thomas Krawczyk followed after working as surgical attending in the MVZ Clinic Ingolstadt and who established himself with the focus on hand and foot surgery as well as general and trauma surgery.

The next expansion followed in 2012 with the accidence of Dr. Helmut Klum, long-time practising orthopaedist at the kurhaus in Bad Neuhaus, with the focus on spine- and other pain therapies, general conservative orthopaedics and osteology.

The entry of Dr. Klum and his team into the OCS-premises in the Point-Centre was used as an opportunity for a thorough modernisation of the facility in Bad Neustadt.

In the same year, in October, the OCS celebrates the opening of the spacious new facility in Bad Kissingen in the Hartmannstraße.

In January 2013 neurosurgeon Thomas Schachtschabel, assistant medical director of the hospital Meiningen, joins the OCS, with own premises in the OCS Bad Neustadt and special consultation-hours in the OCS Bad Kissingen.

Therefore, for your thorough, individual medical assistance, are at your service:

  • six highly qualified orthopaedists and surgeons
  • at two ultramodern locations
  • with a dedicated personnel-team
  • conservative and operational focuses
  • two own operating rooms in the OCS Bad Kissingen
  • as well as three operating rooms with attached private bed station in the surgery centre of the OCS Bad Neustadt
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