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  • Das OCS - Ärzte Team
  • Das OCS - Ärzte Team
  • Das OCS - Ärzte Team


Dr. med. Thomas Jansen

BGOrthopaedist and Casualty Surgeon, additional titles: specific casualty surgeon, sports medic, chiropractor; "H-Arzt" (work accidents), GolfMed Prof (GPT)

  • arthroscopic and minimal invasive operations in the area of shoulder / foot / knee 
  • arthrosis therapy
  • knee- and shoulder-endoprosthetics
  • osteopathic pain therapy
  • golf-specific prevention, consulting, treatment (GPT)

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Dr. med. Helmut Klum


orthopaedist, additional titles: chiropractor, sports medic, acupuncturist, balneologist; osteologist (DVO), “H-Arzt” (work accidents), outpatient rehabilitation (EAP)

  • specific spine therapy
  • acupuncture
  • osteoporosis therapy
  • paediatric orthopaedics
  • neuro-orthopaedics
  • sports medical performance diagnostics

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Dr. med. Thomas Krawczyk


surgeon, additional titles: casualty surgeon, foot surgeon (DAF), “D-Arzt” (work, school, kindergarten accidents)

  • conservative, outpatient and inpatient operational treatments
  • hand and foot surgery
  • hernia surgery
  • general and trauma surgery

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Thomas Schachtschabel


  • degenerative diseases of the spine (disc prolapse, lumbal spinal stenosis, facet syndromes)
  • nerve compression syndromes
  • vertebra fractures

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Dr. med. Markus Schürkens


orthopaedist, additional titles: sports medic, chiropractor, acupuncturist; osteologist (DVO)

  • osteoporosis diagnosis / prevention / therapy
  • acupuncture
  • arthrosis therapy
  • TENS pain therapy
  • FPZ back muscle training enrolment

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Dr. med. Peter M. Trus


orthopaedist, additional titles: sports medic, chiropractor, “H-Arzt” (work accidents); member and instructor of the AGA association for arthroscopy and joint surgery

  • arthroscopic and minimal invasive knee surgery
  • cruciate ligament surgery
  • meniscal surgery
  • cartilage surgery and transplantation
  • arthrosis surgery

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Dr. Lustig

casualty medical and surgical children’s fiduciary doctor

  • friend and helper in need
  • smart questions, good listener

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