Best specialized medical


   In medical-superintendent


   For everybody.


    - Initial Examination / Diagnosis

    - conservative therapies  

    - Surgeries (outpatient / inpatient)

    - post-operative care


Service Spectrum

Competent full care - from the initial medical check-up, the specific conservative and operational  treatment to the aftertreatment: At the OCS you get everything from a single source.

This way we can accompany you optimally on your way to full recovery - and you can always turn confidently to the same address.

For all sectors, highly qualified specialised orthopaedists and surgeons with long-time experience are at your disposal at the OCS.

For optimal medical specialist care in medical-superintendent-quality.

An overview of our service spectrum:

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  OCS Bad Neustadt
  Dr. Jansen, Dr. Klum, Th.
  Schachtschabel, Dr. Trus
  Tel. 09771/60 13 40

  OCS Bad Kissingen
  Dres. Krawczyk, Schürkens
  Tel. 0971/2815 and
  Tel. 0971/3942

  Tip: call after 11am!