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    - Initial Examination / Diagnosis

    - conservative therapies  

    - Surgeries (outpatient / inpatient)

    - post-operative care


Operational Orthopaedics and Surgery

All surgeons of the OrthoCentrum Saale are experts with many years of experience, each with particular specialisations. Each one operates on hundred patients per year.

Depending on your ailment or injury, you will always be operated on by an optimal qualified expert. For you this means:

Every surgery in medical-superintendent-quality. Even the aftertreatment. For everybody!

A high-quality infrastructure is the basis:

  • two new, fully equipped operating rooms in the OCS Bad Kissingen
  • the own ultra-modern operating centrum of the OCS Bad Neustadt with three operating rooms and attached private bed station
  • depending on the individual case even the hospitals Bad Neustadt and Werneck, where the Dres. work as medical consultants and in-patient physicians

For these treatments the latest procedures at the current level of technology are being used - arthroscopic, minimal invasive and open, to endoprosthetics (implantation and exchanging of artificial joints).

An overview of our operational treatment focuses:

  • Shoulder
    • Painful Arc Syndrome (Impingement Syndrome)
    • Disorder of the Rotator Cuff
    • Shoulder-Calcification ("calcareous shoulder")
    • Frozen Shoulder
    • Shoulder Instability (dislocation / luxation)
    • AC joint separation
    • acromioclavicular arthrosis
    • fractures (clavicle fracture, fractures of the humeral head)
    • joint replacement (endoprosthetics)
  • Elbow
    • Tennis / Golfer's Elbow
    • elbow bursitis
    • elbow-stiffness / joint mouse
    • elbow arthrosis
  • Hand
    • tendonitis (trigger finger, Quervain disease)
    • nerve bottleneck syndromes (carpal tunnel syndrome, Guyon's canal syndrome)
    • cubital tunnel syndrome (claw hand)
    • Morbus Dupuytren
    • carpometacarpal joint / finger arthrosis
    • hand / finger ganglion
    • fractures (fracture of the hand / finger)
  • Groin / Abdomen
    • hernia-surgery (inguinal hernia, incisional hernia, umbilical hernia)
  • Knee
    • meniscal tear
    • meniscal instability / dislocation
    • ligament injuries of the knee joint
    • gonarthrosis / cartilage damage
    • instability of the kneecaps (dislocation)
    • kneecaps pain (patella tip syndrome, plica syndrome)
    • malposition of the mechanical axis (valgus / varus malalignment)
    • joint replacement (endoprosthetics)
  • Foot
    • toe correction (Hallux Valgus, Tailor's Bunion, Hammer Toe, Claw Toe)
    • arthrosis of the big toe (Hallux Rigidus)
    • tarsal arthrosis
    • calcaneal spur (Haglund's Disease)
    • connective tissue disease of the foot (Ledderhose)
    • foot ganglion
    • Achilles' tendon tear
    • inflammation of the Achilles' tendon (Achillodynia)
    • ligament injury of the ankle joint
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