FDM Osteopathic Pain Therapy

You suffer from acute or chronic pain of the locomotor system?

With the Faszien-Distorsions-model (FDM) the OCS offers you an independent, alternative medical approach to therapy. 

The FDM-therapy is an innovative and highly effective pain therapy from osteopathy. 

Fields of Application

The big variety of the application possibilities include among others:

  • shoulder pain (impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder, arthrosis)
  • elbow and wrist pain (tennis / golfer's elbow)
  • back pain (lumbago, sciatica, arthrosis of the vertebral joints)
  • neck stiffness and tension headache
  • hip pain (arthrosis, blockades of the sacroiliac joint, tendinitis)
  • knee pain (patella tip syndrome, strains)
  • foot pain (sprains, sprained ligaments)
  • diverse sports injuries

An exact observation of the ailment and pain shown by the patient is key for this therapy. For each ailment there is a specific manoeuver which can lead to an 80% improvement within seconds. 

Thanks to its good healing rate and its quick effects, the FDM-therapy is internationally acknowledged, especially in high-performance sport and in the area of rehabilitation.

The FDM-Concept

The approach comes from osteopathy (a form of manual therapy).

The centre of FDM consists of an extended diagnostic, which orientates itself by the exact pain description by the patient and his body language accompanying the description, as well as of a systematics of diverse "fascia-distortion", meaning conjunctive tissue disorders that are typically causal for the portrayed complaints, developed from empirical cognition.

According to the explanatory model of FDM symptoms and behaviour of the patient can be traced back to six different dysfunctions or distortions. 

During therapy variances of the fascia (depending on the kind of distortion) are being corrected with the help of various hand grips.

The concept of FDM was created by the American osteopath and emergency medicine specialist Stephan Typaldos, who introduced it for the first time in 1991 in the USA. 

Nowadays this therapy is an essential and permanent part of high-performance sports. Senior physiotherapists use it successfully at the football stadia, the Davis cup and the Olympic Games.

"The best out of two worlds"

At the OrthoCentrum Saale, Dr. med. Thomas Jansen, orthopaedist and trauma surgeon and specialist for shoulder prosthetics and endoprosthetics at the OCS, offers FDM therapy.

Impressed by the efficiency of the treatment, Dr. Jansen absolved an additional training and offers it now in addition to other specialised medical therapies.

So the OCS can offer its patients the "best out of two worlds".


At the OCS, first of all a broad diagnosis of the patient is being compiled according to the rules of conventional medicine, including laboratory findings and latest clinical and imaging techniques.

When the symptoms give point to it, the diagnosis is being extended corresponding to the FDM-methods.

Thereupon, the patient may be presented a FDM therapy in addition to other conservative orthopaedic or operational treatments.

The FDM treatment takes mainly place through specific manual hand grips which can be paired with temporary notable pain (normally flies away fast). 

One administration only takes a couple of minutes. The effect is usually immediately noticeable. 

Therapy normally consists of five sessions. Often patients are pain-free already after the first treatments, depending on the clinical report more repetitions can be necessary.

FDM therapy can be a very effective alternative or addition to a conservative or operational orthopaedic treatment (post-surgery, too!). 

Even patients with chronical and diverse, due to wear ailment can often put weight onto the affected joints - free of pain! - after a short amount of time.    

  • very quick pain-relieving effect
  • almost no side-effects

Private healthcare cost bearer usually reimburse the costs of FDM therapy.

Public healthcare cost bearer do not yet reimburse the costs of FDM therapy, which can amount from 45 up to 120 Euros per session. 

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