Paediatric Orthopaedics

Within the paediatric orthopaedics department at the OCS specific orthopaedic diseases and malpositions of children are being treated, inherent or later on acquired, as well as damages and injuries caused by accidents.

Especially at a young age an early diagnosis is crucial to prevent permanent impairment or even lifelong painful suffering.
This also eminently applies to preventive check-ups.

Offered therapies and examinations at the OCS include:

  • ultrasonography of infant hips for an early recognition of inherent hip dislocations (hip dysplasia)
  • screening and treatment of spinal shortenings (scoliosis)
  • treatment of foot deformations (club-foot, planovalgus foot, talipes varus)
  • screening and treatment of axial malposition of the legs (varus / valgus malalignment)
  • treatment of pre-teen accidental injuries (e.g. bone fractures)


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