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Osteoporosis Diagnosis and Therapy

Osteoporosis (“bone loss”) is a widespread disease - and one of the most underestimated!                                                                                                     

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), osteoporosis is one of the ten most important common illnesses worldwide.

Osteoporosis is a metabolic disease of the skeleton: the balance of natural building and cut of bone mass is impaired, progressive loss of bone substance results in porous bones which are more prone to fractures. 

In Germany, one out of three women and one out of five men older than 50 years are affected, more than 330.000 bone fractures per year are results of this disease.

Studies prove that with the help of a timely therapy the risk of a fracture can be reduced by half.

  • chronic back pain, hardening of the back muscles
  • loss of body height, hyper kyphosis ("Dowager's / Widow's Hump")
  • bone fractures without an actual accident
  • limited movement and function of the spine

As a metabolic disease, osteoporosis is a typical disease at an older age. Until the age of 30 the body augments calcium in the bone, later the bone mass is slowly broken down.

Therefore, depending on individual strain and lifestyle, osteoporosis can affect anyone sooner or later.

Especially who belongs to one of the following risk group can be affected (sooner):

Specific risk factors
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • permanent cortisone therapy
  • excessive tobacco or alcohol therapy
  • lactose intolerance
  • menstrual disorders (Hyper- / Amenorrhea)
  • physical inactivity / lack of exercise
  • underweight
  • women after the menopause
  • age: all women / men older than 70 / 80 years
    (according to the guideline of the DVO Dachverband Osteologie)
  • familial strain

Especially regarding the with the years declining healing and regenerating abilities, everything should be done to prevent a bone fracture.

The best chance for a timely diagnosis is early medical check-ups at your osteoporosis-specialist’s.

Bone Density Measurement:

In the case of a clinical suspected osteoporosis a bone density measurement can be realised, which ascertains the bone density with the help of the mineral content of the affected bones.

Through a bone density measurement (DXA-procedure) the physician gets a measured value which gives some indication of the probability of a bone fracture.                   This can be used for early detection and prophylaxis of osteoporosis and is an important indication for the decision on the optimal treatment.

Further measures for osteoporosis prevention:

  • regular physical activity 
  • sun light
  • versatile diet
  • moderate tobacco and alcohol consumption

Osteoporosis can not be healed - but:                                                                     A timely therapy helps stopping the bone loss process and therefor significantly reducing the risk of a fracture. 

This can be particularly achieved through

  • medicinal therapy with diphosphonate as standard treatment (in idividual cases also as alternative compounds useful) for the stoppage of the bone resorption
  • accompanied by a vitamin D supplementation: 30% of the therapy's success trace back to this!
  • and a lifestyle as healthy as possible (c.f. above "prevention")
  • An extra ingestion of calcium is not recommended, as the daily requirement is covered by a normal diet.

Studies show that this combined therapy can reduce the risk of a bone fracture by 50%.

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