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Sports Medicine

Sport strengthens the organism, increases wellbeing, operates like an antidepressant, prolongs the fitness at an older age.  
Many diseases (e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, arthrosis) can be traced back to physical inactivity and can be prevented or meliorated by sport. 

Movement is good for everybody, it can be used as a method of prevention or even as a therapy.    
All orthopaedists of the OCS are experienced and qualified in this field and all are entitled to bear the title sports physician in addition to their specialist registrar title. 

  • We advise you which forms of sport would be expedient in your case and which wouldn't.
  • We test and testify your physical fitness.
  • And in case of an injury or ailment we're there for you - with a broad spectrum of conservative and operational therapies.

Our sports medical service spectrum at a glance:

  • sport aptitude examinations
  • advice and sanitary check-up on / for specific types of sport
  • advice on sport as a prevention resp. therapy
  • sports medical performance diagnostics (in ccoperation with ISI-med institute)
  • advice and treatment on / for prevention of damages caused by sport
    • specific golf-advice and -physiotherapy (GPT Golf med Pro)
  • diagnosis, conservative and operational treatment of sports injury and other ailment, e.g. 
    • Tennis or Golfer's Arm
    • meniscal problem
    • cruciate ligament rupture, other ligaments problems
    • knee instability
    • Runner's Knee
    • ankle joint injury
    • Achilles' tendon injury
    • fatigue fracture
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