Acute Kneepain?

   Restriction of mobility?


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An early medical specialist diagnosis can spare you unnecessary pain and prevent permanent sequelae. 

Especially if you suffer from severe pain caused by an accident you should urgently make an appointment with us!

You have …

... acute or relapsing pain in your knee?

... knee pain when or after bearing weight (walking, stair climbing)?

... start-up pain at the beginning of a movement (e.g. when starting to ride a bike), after sitting for a long time or without weight bearing (rest pain)?

... restriction of mobility in the knee or the feeling that it relents (instability)?

... a swelling of the knee joint?

... clear knock knees or bow legs?

... had an accident in which the knee was twisted, you fell on your knee or in which it was otherwise exposed to sudden, high weight bearing?

Already one yes is a serious indication of an ailment or injury of your knee joint requiring treatment, particularly:
  • meniscal injury
  • injury of the knee joint ligament
  • gonarthrosis (arthrosis of the knee joint) / cartilage damage
  • malposition of the mechanical axis 
  • disease of the kneecaps

We recommend you to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. You can reach us under the telephone numbers given above. 

All diagnosis only relate to orthopaedic patients and patients of trauma surgery.

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