Acute Shoulderpain?

   Restriction of mobility?    


  •     Shoulder orthopaedics is one of the

  •     main focuses of the OCS.

  •     - Conservative

  •     - Operational

  •     - Joint Replacement


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An early medical specialist diagnosis can spare you unnecessary pain and prevent permanent sequelae.

Especially if you suffer from severe pain caused by an accident you should urgently make an appointment with us!

You have …

… movement-induced pain when lifting an arm sidewards?

… rest pain in the shoulder, even without weight bearing (afterpain)?

… problems with over-head-movements (when putting on a pullover or t-shirt, when combing your hair)?

… other restrictions of mobility (when putting on a coat) right up to total shoulder-stiffness?

… an anomalous, from the outward visible osteophyte?

… had an accident, in which you fell onto your arm or shoulder and can't move your arm anymore?

Already one yes is a serious indication of an ailment or injury of your shoulder requiring treatment, particularly:
  • Painful Arc Syndrome (Impingement-Syndrome)
  • disorder of the rotator cuff
  • shoulder-calcification ("Calcerous Shoulder")
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • dislocated shoulder
  • AC joint separation
  • acromioclavicular arthrosis
  • clavicle fracture
  • fracture of the humeral head

We recommend you to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. You can reach us under the telephone numbers given above.

All diagnosis only relate to orthopaedic patients and patients of casualty surgery.

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Your OCS shoulder-expert
TJ S rDr. Thomas Jansen

"Shoulder pain is usually easily curable. Often even without an operation."