Acute Back problems?

   Restriction of mobility?

   Neck or scruff pain?


  •     Spine therapy is one of the

  •     main focuses of the OCS.

  •     Our specialists can and will help you!



An early medical specialist diagnosis can spare you unnecessary pain and prevent permanent sequelae. 

Especially if you suffer from severe pain caused by an accident you should urgently make an appointment with us!

You have …

... back or lower back pain?

... prickling in your arms or legs or signs of paralysis?

... rachialgia (pain in the spine) depending on the time of day, especially early in the morning, under weight bearing?

... a lumbago?

Already one yes is a serious indication of an ailment or injury of your spine requiring treatment, particularly:
  • acute spinal disc herniation
  • narrowing in the spinal canal
  • rheumatic inflammation in the area of the spinal coumn
  • osteoporosis

We recommend you to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. You can reach us under the telephone numbers given above. 

All diagnosis only relate to orthopaedic patients and patients of casualty surgery.

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